Spartanburg, SC Opens New Vape Café for Ecig Users

Ecig fans in Spartanburg, South Carolina have been counting down the days until the new Vape Cafe opens this weekend. Located on East Main Street, the café will offer a pool table, dartboards, flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and a snack counter. Best of all, vapers can shop for new vaping devices, eliquids, and accessories while they hang out with other ecig users.

Owners Susan and Billy Hedden have spent months planning the launch of their new vape-friendly dive. “We are so excited to see our concept reach fruition,” Susan said. “We looked at what other vaping stores in the are were doing and said, ‘How can we take it a step further?’ We hope this will be a destination, a hangout for the local vaping community that is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.”

After 19 years of marriage and 12 years of experience as owners of Mirror’s Nightlife in Spartanburg, the Heddens know a thing or two about drawing a crowd. “We’ve tried to create the best environment possible for our customers to be able to come in and enjoy themselves and develop camaraderie with other vapers,” Billy explained.

The Heddens primary goal for the Vape Café is to help Spartanburg’s smokers kick the habit with the help of ecigs. However, they also want their new business to offer some fun for area vapers. “Vaping has turned into a very social activity,” Susan said. “There is a huge online community of vapers in the Upstate… People like to talk about modifications they’ve made. It’s a bit like souping up a hot rod.”

The Vape Café will offer products for both beginning and expert vapers as well as one-on-one guidance for smokers that are still a little unsure what vaping is all about. This weekend, the café will open to the public and the Heddens plan to offer free food and drinks, door prizes, special discounts, and a cloud competition. No tobacco smoking will be allowed on the premises and customers must be 18 years or older to buy any vaping gear.

If you’re in the Spartanburg area, drop by the new Vape Café and show your support for the Heddens as they inject a little fun into the local vaping community.

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