Should You Be Worried About Nicotine Addiction From Vaping?

A new study is causing growing concern that electronic cigarettes could lead to stronger nicotine addiction than regular cigarettes. In most cases, people begin using ecigs as a way to reduce the risks of smoking, but are they trading one problem for another?

The alarming study was published earlier this month in the Chemical Research in Toxicology journal. After testing 17 ecig brands, the researchers found that nine contained nicotine in its most addictive form. Najat Salibu, an analytical chemistry professor from American University of Beirut, led the study and he said that nicotine levels were not always consistent with the labels when tested in a lab.

Salibu claimed that ecigs could in fact be more addictive than tobacco cigarettes because the “free-base” nicotine is absorbed directly into the body. “Products with very high nicotine delivery may make quitting e-cigs particularly difficult should users decide to try,” he said.

Not everyone is so convinced that Salibu’s perspective is accurate. Chris Snowdon, director of Lifestyle Economics, said that ecigs are still a good option to reduce health risks associated with smoking. “The whole point of tobacco harm reduction is to give people a substitute for the think they are addicted to,” he said. “Opiates are also addictive, which is why we give people methadone instead of heroin. It is not about addiction, it is about health, and nicotine is not damaging to health.”

Snowdon argued that ecigs are dramatically safer than using tobacco products and nicotine is really not a major concern from a health standpoint. Cigarettes are lethal because they contain tobacco, not because of nicotine. “Not only is nicotine not damaging to health but over a billion people worldwide enjoy using it, and so if a product can deliver nicotine without delivering cancer it should be seen as a very welcome development.”

So far, no studies have proven that ecigs cause any long-term health damage. In fact, current studies have shown that ecigs help smokers quit and they are not a gateway to traditional tobacco use. Despite what the mainstream media is printing in their attempts to draw traffic and create a lot of hype, ecigs are not the enemy. In fact, vaping offers a lot of smokers an escape from decades of tobacco addiction.

Are you concerned about nicotine addiction? Do you feel like you are more addicted to nicotine since you switched to e-cigarettes?

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