Scientists Find That Vaping Helps Fight Obesity

The vaping community has found a new proponent with those who fighting obesity. In our society obesity is all around us and growing at an alarming rate. The fear of gaining weight is real for those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Just as many who want to lose weight turn to smoking to fight their food impulses.

The unlikely bedfellows, vapers and those who fight obesity have good news to share. A team of scientists just published research supporting vaping as a smoking cessation product while helping the users avoid weight gain. This is further supports previous studies on flavors and vaping as being valuable tools for doctors and patients. While many are fighting bans of flavors in their communities, it is important to know the hard science facts about obesity and those who vape to avoid it.

Did you know that the average person who quits smoking cigarettes tends to gain about ten pounds during their first year? I have personally seen it happen to others, and this can discourage smokers to even think about stopping. Weight gain causes stress and for many, this stress lands them right back to smoking. This can be a very negative feedback loop.  Break this cycle and stop smoking for good by embracing vaping. Avoid weight gain and stop the serious health issues that smoking cigarettes causes.

Professor Marewa Glover of Massey University in New Zealand said Obesity is set to overtake smoking as the leading preventable cause of disease and early death. She later goes on to state there is a chance that flavored vaping products could help some people reduce the cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes risks associated with excess weight, the population health gains would be significant.

Another consideration is the popularity of smoking has diminished in recent years, and some suggest that some of the new obesity trends may be related to people compulsively eating instead of smoking These studies strongly suggest that oral and hand are calmed by vaping non-tobacco liquids. These include taste perception, physical mouth-feel, and sensation and behavioral replacement.

Research on the potential for vaping to support weight control is worth pursuing on larger scales. This is especially true given the human and economic costs of the obesity epidemic and the failure of current obesity prevention strategies. With the use of tobacco-free vaping products those that are not previous smokers can embrace vaping for weight loss. Just as those who currently smoke cigarettes can use vaping with nicotine to avoid weight gain.

The conversation with personal care provider should support your choice to avoid obesity.  Just as you should have this same open conversation with them regarding quitting cigarette smoking for good.  American physicians are finally coming around to the idea that vaping is a safe and effective smoking cessation product.

These recent statistics show a significant increase in doctor recommendations of vaping as a healthy and safe smoking cessation product.  Earlier this year, a similar study conducted early this year concluded that only approximately 27 percent of physicians were recommending vaping at the time.  According to the latest numbers, that percentage has doubled in less than a year to a combined 50 percent overall.

If you want to stop smoking cigarettes for good or have concerns for weight gain and obesity you need to find a doctor that will work with you. Make sure they keep current with research and are open to working with you on this journey towards better health. Don’t be afraid to have this conversation about your choice, if they can’t agree, don’t be shy to seek another opinion.

As for the fight to restrict flavors, stand up to over regulation and point to the positive health benefits these flavors provide. It is time this nonsense of others advocating what they think is right only to find themselves on the wrong side of science. Cite these studies and force the conversation to be based on facts, not assumptions. Vaping is a good tool to for smoking cessation and also for avoiding obesity.

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