Research: Women Who Smoke Three Times More Likely to Gain Weight

For years, the myth that smoking can curb your appetite has driven many women to start using cigarettes. While many believe that smoking can help you lose weight, new research shows that it’s actually just the opposite. Scientists at the Oregon Research Institute found that women who smoke gained three times more weight than non-smokers.

During the study, researchers followed 400 young women over a two year period of time to track their weight and smoking habits. By the end of the two years, the women who smoked had gained more weight – an average of six pounds compared to only a two pound weight gain among nonsmokers. Scientists said the results “challenged the belief that smoking is an effective weight-control strategy” and they suggested further trials to get a better look at why the smokers tended to gain more weight over time.

On the flip side, we also know that it’s common to gain weight when you quit smoking. Doctors believe your appetite and metabolism might spike when you stop using cigarettes and you could ultimately end up eating more to compensate. Giving up cigarettes will also impact your sense of smell and food will start to taste better. This can make it tempting to overeat and lead to weight gain. The good news is that weight gain isn’t inevitable with smoking cessation and it can be avoided by following a few simple guidelines.

Choosing electronic cigarettes is one of the best strategies to avoid smoking related weight gain or weight gain after smoking cessation. According to a survey of ecig users, 46 percent of vapers said their weight stayed the same when they switched from cigarettes to electronic cigs. Even better, 27 percent reported losing weight. Less than a fourth of people gained weight when they quit smoking using ecigs.

Have you noticed any changes to your weight since you started using electronic cigarettes? Were you able to avoid weight gain by using ecigs as a transition away from cigarettes?

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