New Study Finds Ecigs Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Cigs

Scientists at Penn State College of Medicine wanted to find out how electronic cigarettes impact addiction, but they were surprised with the results. It turned out that e-cigs were less addictive than tobacco cigarettes when tested in a large group of former smokers. Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, said that people were far less dependent on the ecigs than they were on tobacco smokes.

The study was based on a survey give to 3,500 current ecig users that were previously tobacco users. Researchers found that ecig addiction levels varied depending on the nicotine concentration and the actual ecig devices with second-generation devices delivering nicotine more efficiently than older “cigalikes” designs. Even users that seemed highly dependent on their ecigs had less addictive qualities than they had while using tobacco. “People with all the characteristics of a more dependent e-cig user still had a lower e-cig dependence score than their cigarette dependence score,” Foulds explained. “We think this is because they’re getting less nicotine from the e-cigs than they were getting from cigarettes.”

Even without long-term health data on ecig users, Foulds said he is confident that the vaping industry has a lot of potential to help smokers. “It has the potential to do good and help a lot of people quit, but it also has the potential to do harm. Continuing to smoke and use e-cigarettes may not reduce health risks.” It seems they key is for people to use ecigs exclusively and avoid dual-use of both tobacco and vaping.

Foulds said there are many benefits to ecigs, both for smoking cessation and health. “We don’t have long-term health data of e-cig use yet, but any common sense analysis says that e-cigs are much less toxic. And our paper shows that they appear to be much less addictive, as well. So in both measures they seem to have advantages when you’re concerned about health,” he said.

At the conclusion of the study, researchers found that the greatest need for the ecig industry it to better understand which devices are best at delivering nicotine effectively. “We might actually need e-cigarettes that are better at delivering nicotine because that’s what’s more likely to help people quit,” Foulds remarked.

Overall, this new study gives us another peak at how ecigs are benefitting the world. Have you found that you are less dependent on nicotine since you switched to electronic cigarettes?

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