New Studies Underway To Examine Health Impacts Of Vaping Compared To Smoking

There are new studies underway to learn more about the health impacts of vaping compared to smoking, and you could be a part of them.

Two studies are reported to be looking for participants that have smoked traditional cigarettes or who are currently vaping. Both studies will pay participants, and more information can be found at the end of this article.

The Courier reported earlier this week that Dundee University, a leading Scottish university, is currently putting the finishing touches on the VESUVIUS study. The team is only waiting to fulfill the number of participants in order to begin.

Dr. Jacob George, who heads the School of Medicine at Dundee, is the head researcher in charge of the study. He noted that: “E-cigarettes are sold on the principle that they are a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they don’t contain harmful substances like tobacco and tar.”

He went on to add that: “We want to see whether the e-cigarettes are better for blood vessel function compared to traditional cigarettes. Many people seem to think that this is the case but as yet there is no hard scientific evidence to prove this.”

This study, which is funded by the British Heart Foundation, will focus on the effects of nicotine on blood vessel function. This is an issue that needs clearing up, as nicotine damaging or hindering blood vessels is a major concern of most anti-vaping advocates.

The study is recruiting people who are 18 and over, have smoked at least 15 cigarettes daily for over two years and are willing to switch to a vaping device for one month. Volunteers will make two visits to Ninewells Hospital twice, one month apart, for a morning two-hour visit.

The study will randomly categorize its participants into three groups to study how traditional cigarettes, e-liquids with nicotine, and e-liquids without nicotine will impact blood vessel function.

The second study is taking place in America at the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention.

Channel 3000 is reporting that this long-term study, which will take place over five years and costs more than 3.5 million dollars, is funded by the National Cancer Institute and the FDA. The focus of this study is lung function and the effects that both traditional cigarettes and vaping have on the lungs.

“There’s one we really don’t know,” commented Dr. Doug Jorenby, a lead investigator in the study, when asked about the study’s focus. “We know smoking traditional cigarettes in the long term is very harmful to people’s lungs. You can track that over time. We really don’t know much about that in terms of vaping.”

Participants of this study will be monitored over a two-year span and will have regular tests done to measure the levels of carbon monoxide in the system as well as lung function. And although the study is funded by the FDA, the study’s team is taking an unbiased approach to the work.

“Just having knowledge about some of the effects of vaping, be they positive or negative, we don’t have any assumptions about what is going on,” Jorenby stated.

If you are a vaper or traditional smoker who is interested in learning more about the VESUVIUS study, please email the trial manager here. For Wisconsin residents who are interested in the UWCTRI study, visit the My Tobacco Use website.

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