New Research Proves Something About Vaping That Will Motivate Any Smoker To Switch

A recent report indicates that smokers who vape to quit are much less likely to fully relapse

Quitting smoking is often referenced as one of the hardest habits to break. Indeed, some heroin addicts even claim to have had an easier time quitting dope than everyday cigarettes. As such, making the decision to quit will almost certainly lead to some struggle and stress, regardless of what method you choose. The battle isn’t over once you stop for a bit either, in fact, things usually get worse. It’s clear the power cigarettes hold once you consider how many people relapse despite having known for decades that smoking is responsible for more preventable death and disease than anything else.

As such, a tool that could more effectively fight the chances of relapse has always been desired by the health community. Unfortunately, vaping proved to be that tool, and it’s been continually vilified by legislators and the media to create an environment where only around 13% of adults understand that vaping is much safer than smoking. However, a brand new report attempts to level the playing field by proving that vaping is precisely the relapse fighting tool the health community has so desperately longed for.

The Relapse Report

The study was published in Drug and Alcohol Review, and conducted by researchers at the Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia. Led by Dr. Caitlin Notley, the team wanted to develop a better understanding of how smokers using different smoking cessation tools felt about lapses. To answer their questions, the gathered a group of 40 vapers and another group of demographically similar recently quit smokers. They took detailed descriptions of each individuals experiences, thoughts, and feelings about quitting and lapses. This type of research, also known as qualitative, focuses on smaller groups of participants so researchers can get a much more in-depth understanding of each. When used in conjunction with traditional quantitative research, this type of information can develop a well-rounded understanding of a given topic.

The data collected by the team seemed to strongly indicate that smoking lapses were perceived quite differently between the two groups. The vapers were much more likely to not view their lapse as a failure, but rather a purposeful deviation. As such, instead of falling into the trap of failure, which typically leads to decreasing focus and drive, vapers would usually switch right back to vaping once the situation shifted. They felt that these results indicate vaping plays a social and psychological role as a substitution option, which prevents them from feeling like they failed when an occasional cigarette comes into play. More research must be conducted, but the early results have promising implications for the vaping industry.

What We Do Know

While we don’t know everything about vaping yet, there are plenty of benefits the data strongly indicates vaping has. We’ve known since back in 2015 that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking, thanks to reports published by England’s federal health agency, PHE. Even more promising was research from last fall which concluded the excess lifetime cancer risk of a vaper is around 57,000 times lower than a smoker with a similar background. However, it’s not just the harm reduction value of vaping we have other pieces of evidence backing.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Louisville set out to test the effectiveness of common smoking cessation methods. The team tested everything from cold turkey through prescription drugs. After collecting and analyzing their data, they concluded vaping was the hands-down most likely to lead to a successful quit attempt long term. These results pair perfectly with the latest report to make a strong case vaping is an invaluable smoking cessation tool and ought to be treated as such.


Qualitative research like that published by Dr. Notley is precisely what we need to bolster the fight for vaping rights. It’s one thing to prove vaping is successful at helping people quit smoking, and it’s another to be able to point to exactly why. Both sides of the story are essential if we want to help improve the public perception of vaping. Hopefully, research like this will help open the door for more discussion over the differences between vaping and smoking, as well as how we can help end the smoking epidemic once and for all. Spreading this sort of information to your friends and family is vitally important if we ever want to be able to use vaping to its full potential.

Are you surprised by the findings of this study? Do you think that vaping helped you avoid a full-blown relapse? What’s the best way to spread positive information about vaping? Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to check back here or join our Facebook and Twitter communities for more news and articles.

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