Indiana Attorney General Calls for FDA Action on Ecigs

Politicians love to harp on electronic cigarettes, but most of them don’t have any clue how ecigs work and how they are different from tobacco cigarettes. That’s exactly what we saw this week when Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller spoke out to publicly urge the Food and Drug Administration to implement strict new regulations to hinder the growth of the vaping movement.

Zoeller sent a letter to the FDA, asking the lawmakers to set the same limits of ecigs as they have already pushed on tobacco cigarette companies. He hopes to see ecigs with heavy sale restrictions, warning labels, and age limits. Like most other politicians to speak out on ecigs, he seems to be appealing to the emotions of voters rather than looking at the science behind vaping.

“It’s hard to believe we are willing to sit back and watch our children develop addictive smoking habits, after we’ve fought so hard to reduce youth smoking and tobacco use in America,” he said. “Providing the same regulation of e-cigarettes as we do other tobacco products is critical to stop this new trend in its tracks.”

The problem with Zoeller’s sentiments is that he clearly doesn’t understand ecigs at all. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco so they are a proven harm reduction method. Numerous studies have proven that ecigs are not a gateway to tobacco use so they are not perpetuating a culture of addiction, as Zoeller wants people to believe.

Zoeller specifically requested that the FDA restrict ecig advertising, ban eliquid flavors and online sales, and require warning labels on all ecigs. “My focus remains on the public health risks associated with rising e-cigarette use among Indiana’s teens,” he said. “In my role as consumer protection advocate, I will continue to urge for stronger regulation of these products with addictive properties and other unknown health effects.”

Do you think the FDA will cave to demands from uneducated politicians like Zoeller?

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