E-Research Foundation Creates the Ultimate Resource on Ecig Data

As regulating agencies work to figure out how to handle the booming electronic cigarette industry, research is more critical than ever before. While we see a lot of research rolling out these days, it’s hard to determine what is reliable and what is mostly speculation. That’s where the E-Research Foundation becomes a vital resource. This new voice in the ecig industry is dedicated to compiling, promoting, and even funding scientific research about electronic cigarettes. They have created a new website where you can find a wealth of information about all the best ecig studies and get full details on the actual science behind vaping.

So far, the E-Research Foundation has compiled 92 studies and most of them are peer-reviewed and published in credible medical journals and scientific sources. There have been many times where critics called for bans on vaping and cited a lack of research into the health consequences, but the ERF is debunking this myth by presenting all the research in one easy to review platform.

In many cases, we see research emerge that is largely biased. It’s hard to trust research that is funded by pharmaceutical companies or even the FDA. But the ERF has decided to take a neutral approach to this issue by neither encouraging nor discouraging people from using ecigs. Instead, they simply offer access to all of the research so people can make their own educated decisions.

With a singular focus on furthering research efforts in the vaping industry, the ERF leadership team is excited to push forward with the project and continue to support emerging efforts among the scientific community. Leadership includes Lou Ritter form the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association, Cynthia Cabrera from Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, Linc Williams from We are Vapers, and Peter Becket from UK-based Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.

We need a balanced voice in the ecig debate to help level the playing field and the ERF will fill that role. If you are still searching for the latest information on ecig research or you just want to pass along the facts to help your skeptical friends and family members, visit the ERF and show your support for their work in the vaping industry.

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