American Vaping Association Criticizes FDA for Ecig Lies

The American Vaping Association works hard to spread truth and awareness about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. But despite their efforts, there is still a large amount of misinformation circling among the media. FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg is one of the most slanderous parties involved in spreading ecig myths and now the American Vaping Association is calling for her to back off.

Yesterday, Medscape published a new interview with Hamburg where she explicitly accused ecig companies of marketing directly to children. “These products are flavored. You can buy mint Oreo-flavored e-cigarettes and other flavors that are clearly targeted to attract children,” she alleged.

But vaping advocates say that Hamburg is wrong and her opinions are doing massive damage to efforts to end tobacco use. Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said that he managed to kick the tobacco habit four years ago by using a watermelon-flavored ecigarette. Based on Hamburg’s statements, that product should be removed from the market because it is made to draw in children rather than adult smokers. Conley insists that the FDA, and specifically Hamburg, is out of line in their ongoing rhetoric.

“Does the FDA Commissioner have any concern for the health and well-being of America’s 40 million adult smokers? If so, she should stop twisting the facts in an effort to justify her agency’s effort to overreach on its regulatory power and block this innovative and disruptive technology that stands to put Big Tobacco out of business in the next 20 years,” Conley said.

The American Vaping Association has found that the flavored e-cigs that keep coming up in negative ecig reports have nothing to do with attracting children. Instead, they are specifically targeting adult smokers that want to get away from tobacco as they deal with nicotine addiction.

“Newsflash to Dr. Hamburg and others at the FDA: Adults like flavors,” Conley explained. “Indeed, a major published study that surveyed nearly 5,000 adult e-cigarette users – the vast majority of whom reporting quitting smoking with vaping – found that fruits and sweets were the most widely used flavors.”

Conley said the FDA needs to stop wasting time and deal with the real issues at hand, specifically the horrific problem with tobacco use that is killing thousands of people around the world each year. “The FDA posed numerous questions regarding flavors to those making public comment on the agency’s proposed e-cigarette regulations. It appears that any time spent answering those questions was wasted as the top official at the FDA has already decided that flavors need to be eliminated,” he said.

The problem with targeting flavored e-cigs is not just a matter of hurting adult smokers that want to quit. It also has a major economic impact. “Thousands of small businesses across the United States sell flavored vaping products to adult smokers and ex-smokers. These businesses have no connections to Big Tobacco, and yet Dr. Hamburg somehow thinks it is appropriate to outright accuse these companies of marketing their products to children,” Conley seethed.

The American Vaping Association said the FDA’s current approach to regulating e-cigs is extremely damaging to public health. “FDA regulation of e-cigarettes as ‘tobacco products’ is not needed to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of youth. Forty-one states have enacted common sense bans on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. We expect that number will reach fifty in 2015. Instead of protecting youth, the FDA’s proposed rules would instead protect Big Tobacco from competition by removing over 99 percent of e-cigarette products from the market,” Conley explained.

Ultimately, Conley believes that Dr. Hamburg owes thousands of small e-cig business owners a major apology. Her statements were out of line and once again reflect the FDA’s biased perspective on vaping.

Do you think that e-cig companies should stop making flavors because of the risk that they might appeal to kids? Do you vape with fruit or sweet flavors or do you stick to plain old tobacco e-liquids?

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