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How to Build Landing Pages That Convert for Vape Shops

Are you looking for a new way to increase your conversion rate and your earned revenue as an online vape shop? The answer you’re looking for might be landing pages. In today’s blog, we go over what landing pages are, the best way to build them, and how to optimize them so they can convert.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Landing Page?
  2. The Basic Building Blocks of a Landing Page
  3. Why is it essential to optimize landing pages?
  4. Landing Page Best Practices
  5. How To Increase Landing Page Conversions
  6. Conclusion

What is a Landing Page?

Before getting started, let’s begin with what landing pages are. Landing pages are standalone webpages used for specific campaigns. It’s the place where users land after they follow one of your links. You could create these links in emails or social media pages. But the most important thing to understand is that they are made with a specific objective in mind, like letting visitors download a how-to guide to using vape juice concentrates or signing up for your vape shop rewards club.

It’s important to understand, too, that a landing page is not a homepage. A homepage is the first page that your visitors see when they visit your website. You can navigate to other parts of your website on a homepage, but there are no navigation options and only a single link on a landing page.

The Basic Building Blocks of a Landing Page

Every excellent landing page builds with the same structure, creating the landing page’s design. The basic building blocks of a landing page include the following:

  • A Headline: A title that explains the why of the landing page.
  • Supporting Copy: Extra information that goes below the headline.
  • Hero Image or Video: A graphic or video that displays the product or service.
  • Call to Action Button: A visible button where users click to acquire your products or services.
  • Form Fields: A section where users can sign up for free downloads or receive your newsletter.

While there are more things you can add to a landing page, depending on the business you run, we believe that you’ll only need these five when creating landing pages for your online vape shop.

Why is it essential to optimize landing pages?

Although product pages bring 1 in 4 visitors to your site, landing pages outperform them for revenue earned, conversions, and average page views. Landing pages can be customized and be used to segment your audience; after all, your customers are not all the same. Especially in the vaping industry, where you’ll have people who are just beginning their vape journey, others that vape regularly, and hardcore hobbyists.

Knowing your segments can help you create super-focused landing pages targeting specific segments’ interests. That’s why it’s so important to optimize them. In an online vaping store, you could make several landing pages for different types of customers. Examples include a landing page that leads to a new disposable for new vapers or a new e-liquid collection for your more seasoned customers, or a brand new coil type for hobbyists.

Landing Page Best Practices

Before showing you how to optimize your landing pages so they can convert, we first have to go into some of the best practices you should use when building your landing pages. When creating your landing page, remember that the basic building blocks should be visible on the first page, make sure your message is clear and easy to understand, make sure loading speeds are fast, and finally, make sure to test and update them often.

Building Blocks Visible on the First Page

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when making landing pages is making sure all your building blocks are visible as soon as the visitor opens the landing page. The very first thing they should see when they open your landing page is the headline, the supporting copy, the hero image, and the call to action (or form fields if they are signing up for your newsletter).

By keeping all the building blocks visible and on the top section of your landing page, you will immediately draw visitors' attention to the building blocks, which will ensure that the message is received and drawn to the call to action.

Making Your Message Clear and Easy to Understand

Another critical aspect of creating a successful landing page is making sure the messaging is simple and straightforward. You want to make sure every word has a purpose, and it should be easy to understand. The copy will benefit from fewer paragraphs and more meaning. 

Making Sure Loading Speeds are Fast

When creating your landing pages, it’s always essential to test their speed. In fact, according to Unbounce, almost 70% of consumers admit that website loading times influence their desire to buy. If your pages are taking too long to load, consider optimizing your images so they can load faster.

Test and Update Them Often

Although best practices are essential, testing your loading pages is the only way you’ll find out if they genuinely work. Creating A/B testing for each landing page you make can help you determine if your call to action should be more to left if the headline isn’t clear or which design works best. Your landing page builder will often allow you to split the traffic 50/50 to see which method converts better. 

How To Increase Landing Page Conversions

There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages so they can convert better. You can use simple designs, include a clear call to action, use high-definition images, use only one link, make sure the branding is the same, and create a sense of urgency.

Use Simple Designs

One way you can optimize your landing pages is by designing a simple layout with zero clutter. The message, the images, and the call to action should all be displayed to avoid confusion.

Remember that customers usually have seconds to react to a landing page before bouncing. The more straightforward and more accessible your design is, the easier it will be for the visitors to grasp the message.

Include a Clear Call to Action

As stated earlier, a good landing page has a precise aim. You should not have three or four objectives. Whether offering an incredible discount on a new box mod or offering a fresh flavor of vape juice, the landing page should have a clear call to action.

High-Definition Images

It’s also essential to use high-definition images when creating your landing page since this is half the message and the first thing visitors are drawn to. Good photos not only show your product or service up-close, but they also communicate professionalism and reassure the user that they are dealing with a legitimate business.

One Link Only

The last thing you want to do with a landing page is confusing visitors with various links and other navigation options. Remember, the landing page must only have a precise aim and a single call to action, often the only link on the page.

Whether that link leads to a vape pen, a coil-building guide, or your youtube channel, remember to use only one link in your landing pages.

Branding is the Same

Another essential aspect that will make landing pages more likely to convert is that the branding for the email and the landing page, and even your whole website, should match. This will ensure users that they are not only in the right place, but that care and effort when into the creation of the landing page, and the same visual aids that drove them to click on the email that leads to your landing page will make them click on the call to action. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

Another way to generate more conversions on your landing pages is by creating a sense of urgency with each call of action. Limited-time offers, free shipping, or next-day delivery if ordered the same day and limited stock can all drive visitors to take action and buy your products.


If you have learned anything from this blog, remember that landing pages are powerful tools to convert, earn revenue, and get page views. Although you might think that your website will suffice, your website will never target and segment your audience the way landing pages can or allow you to A/B test designs to see which one method works best.
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