How we diversified our Vape Shop's eJuice selection

How we diversified our Vape Shop's eJuice selection

Far And Few In Between

Back in 2014 when we opened our first location there were a few major staples in the industry. Space Jam and Suicide Bunny come to mind with Cuttwood and Five Pawns coming into view shortly after. Being a Vape Store owner was easy back then, there was only three stores here on Long Island. Vape enthusiasts and smokers looking to quit would often travel 30+ minutes to find one of our stores. They would often walk in with their eyes open wide, curious as could be about what flavor they might find. It was a destination business back then but it certainly isn't today.

The Rise Of Vaping

In the summer of 2015 the Vape Industry was booming. Stores were popping up 5 miles from each other and consistently every week we would see a new store announcing it's soft opening on Facebook. Things were looking up and we were all very excited. 

Vaping seemed to be going mainstream, everyone was vaping, less and less people were seen smoking around town and it seemed like everywhere we looked there were vapers. 

While this was great for consumers it had it's toll on shops. Our margins started to take a hit as customers stopped traveling far to find new eJuice. Stores started to all carry the same brands and some started to undercut each other $1 or $2 per bottle. The market split and our averages started to drop. What were we all todo? 

It's time to diversify

In April of 2016 we realized we couldn't survive just carrying the brands everyone knew. The customers were bored and could easily order whatever they wanted online. It was then we started bringing in new brands by the half dozen. Between June and July we brought 14 new brands into the stores. Business went up. 

Since June we've been bringing in 5-6 brands a month. At first it seemed impossible, how do we continue to bring new eJuice in month after month and still make a profit? Easy. We brought in 1x0MG, 5x3MG, 2x6MG every week of one or two brands. At this rate our orders were cheap enough to maintain and the customers were pleased. works for us. It became the easiest way to bring in new eLiquid with very little risk. No more MOQs on wholesale orders, no more dealing with 10 vendors, no more absurd shipping fees and 48 bottle box quantities. has become our online shopping catalog. Our managers browse the site, customers browse the site and the products ship right to our door. 

We encourage all who find this post to check out our site and browse our brands. Anything we don't have feel free to request in the eJuice Request Page

p.s. View the newest eLiquid available here


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